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What is Psych2Go?

Psych2Go is currently a content production company that utilizes animation, illustrations and articles to educate people on mental health and psychology. We have a website call and a youtube channel with over 4 million subscribers here:

My original plan was to go into medical school and study the sciences at UBC. Right after my first year, I took a psychology introductory course (psyc 100 at the time) and discovered the many wanders that psychology has to offer.

Without hesitation, I launched a Tumblr blog at the time while pursuing my degree and amassed over 500K subscribers. This was enough validation for me to know that there is a need for psychology content out there.

At the time, there were not many psychology blogs out there, especially for a younger demographic. Being a young person myself at the time, 21, I knew it was time to make something more engaging and accessible for people my age and younger.

Of course, not completing my degree didn't help, so I went ahead and invited many other psych majors, psych enthusiasts and experts to help create content.

And eventually, all that effort led to a Youtube channel.

The YouTube channel now has over 4 million subscribers and continue growing by the 100's of thoudsands per month. Our vision is to make psychology and mental health content more acccessible for the world wide population.

Our long term growth plan is after hitting 5 million subscribers, to develop a line of therapeutic and well being products or services to help those who need a mood lift to have access to.

At the moment, we just want to focus on making sure we are at the top of our game when it comes to providing valuable and reliable content. And become a dominant force in the mental health space for young people for the next 20 years to come.

And eventually work with corporation or institutions to promote mental well being across the world. Perhaps, we will move into work force too and help other companies integrate mental well being into their practices. We will see where things go.

My favourite quote at the moment is "The effort of today becomes tomorrow's momentum." Even though we might not see results today, but like working out, the consistent effort will show up in a month or two. Everything great takes time and patience.

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